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O U R  M I S S I O N

Where the planner meets the journal and your conscious-growth journey begins. Plurnal inspires productivity to allow more time to focus on your health & wellbeing with actionable self-reflection, growth & progress.


F O U N D E R ' S  N O T E

 Hey! I'm Sammie, the creator behind Plurnal, a productivity lover, and a self-development junkie.

My journey started back when I was a senior in highschool.. 

My phone buzzes, and I see a message from my boyfriend asking what my plans were for the week. This was a big week - starting a new internship, freshly graduated from high school, and planning for my college experience.

As the rush of overwhelming excitement hits me, I put my pen to paper. Soon enough, I drafted the very first version of the Plurnal. I snap a photo and send it to my boyfriend giving him a rough outline of when we can grab dinner. Moments later, I receive a reply that would change my life forever… 

“Why don’t you sell your own planner? This is really cool.”

A few years went by, experiences were had, designs were created then thrown away, and, finally, the current-day Plurnal was developed.

This version keeps the modern individual in mind. The modern individual caught up in the rush of our busy society. Caught up in the distractions of constant ringtones & notification. Caught up in everything that distracts us from what is most important.

Welcome to my ongoing journey of developing simple, streamline, & expansive spaces where we can all grow.


With Love, 

Sammie Schlak 

Sammie Schlak, Founder of Plurnal