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Our Philosophy: Less Screen Time

Call us old school but we are down with getting back to paper.

We believe the time spent off of our phones with constant distractions is time well spent.

It's proven that we remember more, lower our anxiety, and become more creative when working with paper.

Are you ready to get back to the basics?

  • Self Discovery

    Its hard to find ourselves in this day and age. So many options, so many distractions.

    Plurnal gives you a little structure to allow your creative side to run wild and help you find yourself.

  • Sustainability

    We said goodbye to the old spiral binding and hello to our new, earth-conscious design.

    Recycled paper, a one-for-one program (1 product = 1 tree planted), and a stitched binding are just a few new features we are proud of!

  • Organization

    Everyone has their own way of organizing their life. We hope you find that one of our deigns fits your style.

    As we grow, so do our options. We are so grateful for all of you and can't wait to expand our line.

    We currenly offer daily and weekly Holsitic Plurnals and a notepad.

    Soon, our store will include insight journals to help you e x p a n d your mindset to reach your dreams. .

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