3 Tips to Actually Use Your Plurnal (or Planner) All Year

I know the feeling. Your new planner just arrived in the mail and, clearly, you’re stoked to start using it to crush your year. 

Fast forward 2 months into the year and suddenly, your planner is piled under books, folders, and random notepads, collecting dust. 


Well, here are our tips for making it through the year after the “honeymoon phase."

One. Allocate Prep Time

Set aside 15-20 minutes maximum at the beginning of your week.

Brain dump everything onto a blank piece of paper - last week’s worries, this week’s to-dos, projects, meetings, appointments, and anything else in your life. 

This is optional, but we suggest organizing this list into categories and ranking them from most urgent to least. 

Next, add these to your Plurnal for the whole week. 

Allocating this prep time lessens time in your Plurnal every day to just maintenance time versus a big lift each day (that we probably don’t have time for)

Two. Keep It Where You Can See It

We are humans. We love habits. 

When you walk into a dark room, what do you do? More than likely, you turn on the light so you can see. This is a habit (an automatic habit). 

Keep your plurnal in a place where you will see it every day. The more you see it, the more likely you are to use it. 

Three. Reframe Your Mindset

This is more specific to Plurnal. Stop thinking of your plurnal/planner as another “thing to do” and more of a space to take care of yourself. 

Plurnal was crafted to not only help you get your must-dos done but also to help you check-in with yourself. 

Checking in includes radical honesty with yourself about how you’re actually doing as well as reminding you to live your year in accordance with your mission. 

Let us know in the comments below how you remember to use your planner/plurnal consistently!