Why to Start Journaling Today + How to Start + 12 Prompts

What's the buzz with journaling?  Here are six reasons to start journaling today and how to start. 

Some days you just want to let your brain flow and other days you want to dig deeper. On those days where you want to dig deeper, you can lean on us for some inspiration. Join our Insiders List today and we will send you a prompt every Sunday (also other freebies and discounts)


One: The Obvious...Check Your Stress-O-Meter

Do we always have to feel like a bundle of stress? Nope! Here's why: a. we are always in control of how we react and b. we can vent, rip up, cry on, and just about anything else to our journals. The best part? Our journal will never judge us. 

It's time to control that stress and trust that once you project your emotions into your journal, you can start to detach from them. Be 100% you and never feel weird about it. 


Two: The Not-So Obvious...How Many Thoughts We Have

We just have so much going through our brains, right? I mean think about it, in one second our brain takes in about 11 million “things”. Whaaat.

Yup, eleven-million! Granted, we don't remember or retain most of this information, but what if we were able to remember and retain a bit more than usual? We could probably accomplish so much more in a day.

In-fact, surprise (or maybe not), journaling helps improve our memory! Physically writing something helps our brain remember better. The brain works like any other muscle in your body in regards to muscle memory. The more you complete a movement the better the muscle remembers the motion; the more you write down the more your brain remembers.

Three: Less Moody

Yes, journal truly has the power of decreasing your moodiness. Less moodiness leaves some room for mental clarity, time to work on mental strength, and time to have less of a hamster wheel. 

Four: Control

Strengthening Emotional Functions – Whoa. Yep, I said it, strengthening. emotional. functions.

We are in control now – so watch out world! Although this sounds amazing, we must remember that having control on our emotions is a life’s journey. It takes daily practice and patience. But thankfully, our new friend, journaling, has our back! Journaling can keep us on track by allowing us to vent, reminisce, or laugh about everything – and I mean e-v-e-r-y thing.

Being able to identify and accept our emotions is the first step to finding control. This control can help us react to events that happen to us no matter what we think about them – even if we think they are unfair, just plain rude, or maybe super exciting!

Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction. - Buddha Teachings

Five: Be in the "Now"

Again, what a "buzz" phrase - being in the "now." One of the best ways to get there? Clear out all the noise!

Caution....we are entering a brain dumping zone. 

Brain Dumping: is a complete transfer of accessible knowledge about a particular subject from your brain to some other storage medium, such as paper. 

Brain dumping can help us get rid of all those thoughts rushing through our brain at one million miles a minute (I know you know this feeling!!). Getting rid of all the traffic will help us be more here, in the now, and not stressing about literally every other force of energy in the world.

If you strengthen your ability to be in the “now” you’d be shocked what it could do for you, and, honestly, you might even be a little mad at yourself for not practicing this sooner!

Seriously, the amount of things you can get done in a day is incredible. When you journal – you simply brain dump and you leave it there – so DON’T even think about re-thinking those things you just got rid of!

Six: Who's the Boss? You the Boss

Try to write what you feel that you are in control of. I know, for starters, when I wake up in the morning I can be in control of one thing…making my bed. Okay, this may sound so silly, BUT each morning, I know this is something I did right.

I accomplished and totally took control over the very first thing I did today. So, literally, the rest of my day can be completely tragic, but I made my bed, so high-five! What does this have to do with journaling? Well, you can write about all the areas of your life that you feel in control of, then identify what you feel is out of your control.

How to Get Started

Well the good news is you don’t need anything fancy! (woohoo) Just grab a notebook – one with a pink sparkly cover, a leather bound “i’m cool” vibe or maybe just a classic composition book, literally whatever works – and a pen.

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT make yourself feel like this is a chore – this is single-handedly NOT what you’re supposed to feel. This is supposed to make you feel better not weighed down. So if you think you can write an entry every day have at it, if you’re like yeahh…once a week is probably good, or heck, whenever you remember to pick up your journal, is totally okay too! Just simply start!

Bonus! Some Prompts to Get You Started

  1. What does your ideal day look like?
  2. Every time a negative thought pops up in your mind about yourself – write it down – do this for a week. Notice and reflect on how you can treat yourself better!
  3. Who would you love to meet? What would you ask?
  4. What practical skills do you wish you had?
  5. Pretend money is no object. What would you do?
  6. How do you want to be remembered in life?
  7. Something I thought a lot about as a child…
  8. If I received $1,000,000 and HAD to spend it on myself, I would…
  9. The thing I’m most afraid of telling people is…
  10. What did I do today that brought me closer to my dream?
  11. Someone I need to forgive is
  12. What is your personal mission statement