How to Craft a Nighttime Routine + 20 Ideas

Is it just me or is all the buzz about having the perfect AM routine? There is this whole idea that waking up early gets you on the right track and makes you more ‘successful’, more ‘productive’, more youfillintheblank

Listen, I read about this AM buzz and worked so hard to create the perfect morning routine for this season of my life, but I still didn’t feel all the feels promised. 

After some reading and digging, I had an ‘a-ha’ moment – it all starts the night before.

If you: 

...can’t get up on that first alarm,

...can’t fall asleep when you want to, 

...feel like you have to rush to work the next morning, 

...or maybe even get irritated easily in the morning,

these tips are directed at you!

Let’s dive into my top three tips for crafting a nighttime routine fit for YOU.

ONE. Start Early

Okay, I will admit that waking up earlier than I used to truly helped me find some flow in the morning. So, what the heck, we should also start our nighttime routine earlier in the evening too!

Try starting your nighttime rituals around two hours before you hit the hay. In theory, this sounds awesome…two whole hours of me-time before bed? Whoa – heaven. Amiright?

But, how do we turn this theory into reality when we have little ones running around or we live with a sig other / BFF? Answer: Setting boundaries.

Have a conversation with those around you to get some support. You could try, “Hey _____, I’m trying this new thing where I start to get ready for bed at _:__. Could you help me stay on track?” This way you are making them feel like they are helping you. Usually, this is easier for people to agree to!

TWO. Get your priorities straight

How could you possibly create a unique nighttime routine without knowing what the heck you want out of it? I could sit here and tell you what I do, but it wouldn’t be your secret mix of goodness!

Instead, at the bottom of the blog, I made a list of ideas for nighttime routines (your welcome), but you do your thing!

When you do find the time to sit down and make a nighttime routine (which you will want to do pronto), try to revisit your goals you set at the beginning of the year. Maybe they have shifted, maybe they have stayed the same.

Use those to craft your nighttime routine.


  1. Skin Care: wash your face and put on a good lotion
  2. Moisturize your body and put on fuzzy socks
  3. Putting on REAL pajamas (it’s a nice mental note that it’s time to go to bed)
  4. A soothing cup of tea
  5. Stretching your body
  6. Using a certain oil to defuse at a certain time each night
  7. Read a book
  8. Put your phone on silent (and leave it in a different room)
  9. Drink a glass of water
  10. Pick out your outfit for the next day
  11. Pack your lunch for the next day
  12. Make a to-do list for the next day (this is key to slowing down that hamster upstairs)
  13. Journal
  14. Set a 5-10 minute timer for a little cleaning sesh (less clutter around you = less clutter in your mind)
  15. Meditation/think/pray (whatever floats your boat)
  16. Creating intentional time with your loved ones (as humans we NEED relationships…start focusing on them)
  17. Light some candles and make a cozy, dim environment
  18. Make a nighttime playlist
  19. Turn down the heat (you get a deeper sleep when your body is nice and cool) 
  20. Talk out the day. If you have someone around to vent/laugh/talk to at night, you could express all the feels for the day and leave them there 

Alexa, play Sammie’s nighttime playlist!


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