Do You Even Need a Morning Routine?

Raise your hand if you’ve been told your whole life that getting up early and having a morning routine was the key to success? 

Yeah, me too. 

Today, I want to break this old mindset with a theory about individual needs. 

Let’s make one thing clear. Morning routines DO NOT define how “successful” you are, ACTION does. Crafting a “routine” that works best for you will result in an environment that will help you take action. 

Instead of doing what every instagram creator tells you to do, try to work through this decision matrix and craft a type of routine that works for you!

P.S. No hate for influencers, I just firmly believe we all are unique and owe ourselves this little bit of time to figure out how we work best!

Here's the Plurnal Decision Matrix

A graph to help you decide if you need a morning routine or not

Let’s Work Through This Together

Step 1: Figure out what your peak working hours are

Get to know when your peak hours are during the day. This is when you often take on larger, more complex tasks that take most of your brain power for the day. 

 And, no, they don’t always fall under the standard corporate hours and that’s okay! 

Step 2: Figure out what your peak hours are telling you

If your peak hours are in the first half of the day, you’ll crave a morning routine. 

If your peak hours are in the second half of the day, you’ll crave a nighttime routine.

Step 3: Do you crave a structured or unstructured “routine” 

Structured: You like control, knowing what to expect, and set schedules. This routine calls for a set time with set tasks in a set order. 

UnStructured: You likely have a more creative brain and like to change things up often or maybe the same day-in, day-out sounds boring. This routine calls for a set time and a list of things you enjoy that you get to pick from each day depending on your mood. 

The key here is ACTION. We likely all need some form of a routine, but the intensity depends on what you and your brain need as an individual. 


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