10 Ways to Get Un-Stuck

You know that feeling of just straight-up blah...

You get stuck sometimes - maybe writer's block, lacking creativity, or maybe, you just don't want to do anything. Sometimes we just need a little fire!

Today, I want to share 10 ways to start getting that fire back. Let's get unstuck! Who's with me?


One. Organize Something

You know that drawer that you just shove everything in? Yeah, me too. Clean that out today. Prove to yourself that you can declutter that space, and maybe your brain gears moving again.


Two. Create a New Playlist

Get some good vibes going. It's time to shake that body. Did you know, under stress, animals naturally shake their bodies? We could learn something from them. Take those anxious feels and push them through your whole body and turn it into energy. So, go ahead, make that perfect playlist and let the world melt away. 


Three. Channel Your Inner Artist. 

Listen, you don't have to be a Picasso. You just need to get your creative juices flowing. Most of my best ideas come to me when I just let my pencil sketch it out. Calm the brain and focus. Find a little silence up in that noggin!


Four. Call and Talk to Someone

Read that again. No, you cannot text, you need to actually call someone. This someone should be a person you haven't talked to in a long time. Tell them why you appreciate them and thank them for being in your life. Practicing some gratitude not only makes them feel great but also makes you feel on top of the world!


Five. Go for a Walk

Clear your mind! Breathe some fresh air, observe the world around you, and get your blood flowing. 


Six. Grab a New Read

Try finding a new book that will spark some motivation. 


Seven. Spa Night

Unplug and have self-love, self-care evening! Leave your phone out of sight, light some candles, draw a bath, and put on a face mask. Restore and find you again. 


Eight. Move Your Body

Get those endorphins moving and recite some affirmations afterward!


Nine. Grab Your Journal

Time to have a brain dump. Get it all out of your brain and all onto the table. Set some goals, revisit old goals, write down what you're struggling with, relationships you appreciate, or anything else that pops up.

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Ten. Seek Adventure

Hop in your car or go for a walk. Don't have a destination, just drive and enjoy the beauty! Maybe nature will inspire you.